Frequently Asked Questions

What sorts of walks to you offer?

We offer a range ways to help people experience the beautiful Yuraygir Coastal Walk: a diverse set of options to reflect a wide range of walking styles. We offer full 4 day walks, 2 day walks and 1 day walks for people with less time or who prefer to sample the coastal walk. Each of these can be tackled with a range of levels of support, from fully guided, catered and accommodated tours, through to DIY self-sufficient walkers making use of simple End-to-End Vehicle Support.


Why choose a guided walk?

Guided tours with highly qualified, passionate local guides provide deep appreciation of the flora, fauna and history of this unique and diverse coastal region. We have lived in the area for almost 20 years working in various nature conservation roles both in and beyond the Yuraygir National Park, and have developed an intimate knowledge of the place.


Why choose a self-guided walk?

Some people prefer to make their own way and are comfortable with planning, map reading and working things out as they go. Our self-guided options provide a point of emergency contact and transport at the end of each walk day back to your accommodation, or at the end of the walk in the case of our DIY end-to-end options where you walk and camp or use cabins along the way. Some self-guided walk tours offer catering as well, making logistics significantly more straightforward.


What is included in the different walks? 

Each walk varies in terms of the inclusions. Refer to Our Walks for details and our Walks Overview.


Can I walk independently with a pick up and/or transfer at the end?

Yes. Tackling this walk independently, end-to-end is possible if you plan well, are aware of water refill options and are a moderately fit, experienced DIY walker. Either camp or rent tourist cabins along the way and carry and prepare food accordingly. Should you require assistance with transport logistics to get back to civilization at the end of the walk, we can help. Have a look at Our Walks to see which option suits:


What about river crossings?

The full 65km Yuraygir Coastal Walk involves crossing 3 beautiful rivers by boat – Sandon, Wooli and Red Rock. You also need to wade across Station Creek, ideally at low tide since it can be chest high on a big tide.

  • In our guided walks, all arrangements for river crossings are included.
  • In our self-guided walks, we can make initial bookings for you, provide timing details and phone contacts for you to make confirmations with the various boat operators. You will need to bring some cash ($10/head, minimum of $20) to pay for each crossing.

As a DIY walker you need to make your own arrangements.

  • Sandon River – There is a DIY option available for those willing to cross this narrow stretch of water using paddles/oars and an inflatable dinghy. There are life jackets available in the craft, but please be aware that the river cun run out pretty fast on an outgoing tide and that use of this craft is undertaken entirely at your own risk. Call National Parks and Wildlife Service office on (02) 66411500 to listen for detailed recorded instructions on how to access this DIY option. You can also ask around at the Sandon campground and hope to get a ride with a friendly local or visitor, or possibly the campground managers.
  • Wooli River – Bruce (Wooli Boat Hire) – 0439 409 909
  • Red Rock River – Nico – 0403015412


Do I need to worry about tides?

Yes. A bit! Some sections of the walk are more affected by higher tides than others. The effect might range from making the access impassable in the case of beaches or rocky platforms (strongly affected), to slowing you down because conditions are softer (moderately affected), through to very limited to no noticeable impacts at all. Tides range in height so you need to know which sections you’ll be walking and on what dates, to be able to plan your walk around high tides in affected areas.

We have created a tidal trip planner showing how different sections are affected, downloadable from here.

Broader weather patterns are also important contributors to how the walk is affected on intertidal sections. For example a lot of local rain can bring more water onto to the beaches and into sections where wading is required. Low pressure weather systems can bring large seas, making the surge of incoming waves another consideration from the point of view of beach and rock platform accessibility. General information about local tides and weather in the area can be found at:

Can I organise a customised walk?

Customised walks can be arranged for groups of 4 or more with highly specific needs. Confirmation depends on your specific dates and our availability and price will be calculated according to the nature and level of support required, the specific dates dates (including weekend and public holiday costs) and a customisation fee. Contact us.


What other information can you provide DIY walkers?

We have developed a 7 page Track Info Pack, specifically designed to assist DIY/self-guided walkers to prepare and undertake walks according to conditions. This provides information that complements that already provided by National Parks and Wildlife Service, with contact details, links, timings, tips and more detailed maps suggesting alternative routes. This information is provided to those that book one of our walks, including our end-to-end transport support options.


What is the accommodation?

Some of our walking tours include accommodation, while others depend on you making your own arrangements (including camping in one of the National Park campgrounds). Where accommodation is included, you will typically have your own room in comfortable local holiday houses or tourist cabins. In these cases, it is possible to upgrade the accommodation arrangement from the basic ‘twin share’ should you prefer to ensure your own room or house/cabin. Refer to our Accommodation information to decide which accommodation option best suits your circumstances.

For walking tour options which involve arranging your own accommodation, be aware that local holiday accommodation can be very limited during school and other holiday periods and you may wish to book well ahead of time.


What is the best time of year to walk?

We recommend the months between April to October – late Autumn through to mid Spring. The weather in this period is generally perfect for walking in terms of temperature and with it comes an array of wildflowers, migratory whales passing by, and it maximises accommodation options and minimises costs (refer to our Timetable of Highlights). We do not operate any tours or support services other than pre-booked end-to-end vehicle transfers between December through to early February. 


What time of year can I walk?

For any walks where we arrange accommodation for you (King Tide and High Tide walks), we operate between April and October, outside of school holidays. This avoids busy times and the hottest months, and maximises access to the best accommodation options. It also improves Winter whale watching opportunities and brings out wonderful wildflowers. These walks are run to a specific calendar, with start dates appearing in bold on the booking calendar when you click Book Now. 

For self-guided walking tour options which involve arranging your own accommodation, these can be conducted at most times of the year, however, be aware that local holiday accommodation can be very limited during school and other holiday periods and you may wish to book accommodation well ahead of time. Weekends and public holidays can also add costs to our prices.


What days of the week do you walk?

  • For guided 4 day ‘King Tide’ walks, we generally assemble Sunday afternoons and walk Monday–Thursday. Return to home on Friday mornings. There are some exceptions to avoid holiday periods. 
  • For all other walks, the start time is set according to your preferences and our availability. We do not operate any tours or support services other than pre-booked end-to-end vehicle transfers between December through to February. Note that additional costs for weekends and public holidays may apply.


What is the group size?

For each type of walk we specify minimum and maximum group numbers. Refer to Our Walks for details. 


Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, generally for each walk type, a discounting policy is applied when you select the appropriate group size at booking, for example 4-6 people = 5%; 7-10 people = 10% discount. Capped group pricing applies in some cases as well.


Can I book a private walk?

Our 4 day, all-inclusive King Tide walks (5 nights, 4 days) can be booked for private groups of 6 or more, with dates negotiable subject to our other commitments and tides. Please note:

  • We do not run these walks during NSW school holidays.
  • Our standard discounting for group bookings applies at booking, however we do charge an additional Private Group Booking fee of $200.
  • Our standard (’twin share’) accommodation arrangements apply (upgrades can be arranged to suit).
  • You can add additional days of rest or recreation at either end of the walk, with additional accommodation and catering costs to be calculated accordingly.


Can I book as a single?

We require minimum numbers to run most of our walks to achieve cost recovery, and each involve different levels of support and cost. So it depends which type or style of walk you’d like to do:

  • If you are a single or pair wanting to join an existing King Tide guided walk which needs a minimum of 4 people to run, please get in contact and let us know your preferences. We can start a new ‘pending’ walk if your available dates are inflexible, or add you to an existing group that suits.
  • You can do the full 4 day walk solo (or as a pair) using a single central accommodation base (camping or holiday houses/cabins) with our Solo/Duo Sojourn at any time that suits you (subject to our other commitments).
  • Or you can camp or use cabins along the way with our DIY End-to-End support options.
  • You could also choose to pay the full cost of the relevant minimum group size to guarantee departure.


How much does it cost?

Pricing varies according to the the length of the walk selected (1 – 4 days) and the specific inclusions (guided or self-guided; accommodation included or self-arranged).

Pricing for all of our walks is available on our booking page (note there are Tabs for 4 Day, 2 Day and 1 Day walks). 

  • In cases where accommodation is included, prices may also vary if an accommodation upgrade is selected.
  • Please note that weekends and public holidays may attract a surcharge.


Do you cater for vegans/vegetarians or other specific food requirements?

Most certainly we do:

  • If you wish to eat vegetarian meals, please let us know at registration. There is no extra charge. 
  • More specialised catering can be provided by pre-arrangement, including Vegan, Gluten Free and Paleo diets. These can be provided throughout your stay at additional cost of $15 per day to help cover time and costs in buying and separately preparing  food (ie $75/head for our 4 day/5 night walks). If this diet choice applies to the whole group, these fees are not required.

We encourage you to contact us well before your walk start date to discuss your requirements.


How do I book?

Go to our booking page to select a walk that suits you. Fill in all details requested and select a payment method. If your booking is more than 28 days from the walk date, you may only be required to pay a 25% deposit to secure your place, with final payment being due 4 weeks before the trip. Some tour options require the full payment upfront.


Do you walk in all conditions?

We aim to walk rain, hail or shine. Sometimes however, we may make a judgement that it is potentially dangerous to do so. See short term weather forecast here. Please be aware that if you need to cancel because of weather conditions, our regular terms and conditions apply to refunds. You are encouraged to take out travel insurance to be sure that you are covered in the event that the weather (or other circumstances) cause cancellations, or make doing the walk as planned impossible.


Can I have a day of rest?

Yes, if for any reason you need to take a lay day, you can make yourself comfortable in the included or self-arranged accommodation or get out on your own to explore the local area. If you are on a guided walk however, the walk will typically continue on the planned day, depending on group consensus and guide availability.

You m,ay also like to pre-plan to have a lay day in the middle of a guided walk. In this instance we would require that your group makes a private booking (see above) with additional fees for extra accommodation and catering.


What are your terms and conditions if I need a refund?

We understand that circumstances can arise where you may need to cancel or alter your booking. Should this occur, our need to pre-book a number of services related to tours means the following refund conditions apply relative to the amount of cancellation notification time provided:

  • 28 (or more) day’s notice given prior to start of tour – full deposit and any other amounts paid will be refunded without incurring a cancellation fee. We will however charge an administration/bank fee of $25 to cover our costs.
  • 27–15 day’s notice given prior to start of tour – 75% of all monies paid will be refunded. [Note: this includes 25% deposit required 28 days ahead of tour]
  • 14–7 day’s notice given prior to start of tour – 50% of all monies paid will be refunded. [Note: this includes 25% deposit required 28 days ahead of tour]
  • Less than 7 day’s notice given prior to start of tour, we will be unable to refund any monies paid by you. Transfer to alternative dates may however be arranged, subject to availability, but in this instance an administrative fee of $25 and a further fee to cover any losses incurred by us for any forfeited bookings or purchases relating to the cancelled dates will also apply.

Please contact us as early as possible if you think you may need to cancel or amend your booking. Please read and be sure you understand all of our terms and conditions and note that you are strongly encouraged to take out an appropriate travel insurance policy to cover you in the event of last minute cancellations. 


How do I get there?

See detailed information about getting here.


How do you pronounce ‘Yuraygir’?

‘You-Ra-Gear’ or sometimes ‘You-Ray-Gear’.

The word Yuraygir was coined by National Parks and Wildlife Service in the 1990s when northern and southern parts of various earlier National Parks were joined together along with land additions in the creation of the consolidated park of today. The word Yuraygir derived from recognition of, and the joining together of parts of the traditional lands of the Yaegl (or Yaygirr) people in the North, and the Gumbayngirr people in the south of the National Park.


What are ‘Leave No Trace’ Principles?

We adopt and follow these common sense bush walking principles when doing guided walks, and encourage all walkers to do the same. This little video offers a great introduction.


For any other questions, please contact us.