4 Day ‘King Tide’ and ‘High Tide’ walks include accommodation in which guests stay in a range of well located holiday houses within the village of Minnie Water throughout the duration of the walk (Note: all other walks involve self-organised accommodation).

By staying in this central location, you only need to unpack and repack your bags once and are returned daily so you can have a hot shower and pre-dinner relax. Accommodation is comfortable and clean, and we ensure a level of amenity and space sharing matched to your preferences.

When booking one of these walks, you might like to consider whether the Standard accommodation option, or an Upgraded option best suits you.


At the Standard accommodation rate, guests stay in shared holiday houses which have a range of configurations. All facilities and amenities within a house such as bathrooms, kitchens, verandas, washing machines, entertainment equipment etc, are shared with other occupants, as appropriate. We allocate guests according to their grouping with friends and family wherever possible, and we keep accommodation sharing at low densities.


The standard tour package for couples includes a private double or queen bedroom within a shared holiday house. Some, but not all double rooms have ensuite bathrooms. Some couples may wish to opt for an accommodation upgrade (see below).


The standard tour package provides for family and friends to be grouped together wherever possible, with single guests (known to each other) assumed to be willing to ‘twin share’ a room if needed. Note that in practice we aim to secure a private room for all our guests, subject to availability and other practicalities. Circumstances may mean however that we determine that individual private rooms are not possible for all single guests booking at the standard rate. For this reason, we offer accommodation upgrade options to guarantee your preference, during and after you make your standard package booking.


Subject to availability, the following upgrade options are offered for singles or couples. You are advised to book these upgrades as early as possible to be sure of securing your preference.


  • Accommodation Upgrade 1a – Single: private room in shared house – $100 pp
  • Accommodation Upgrade 1b – Multi-Singles: private room in private group house – $130 pp
  • Accommodation Upgrade 1c – Single: privately occupied house – $240 pp


  • Accommodation Upgrade 2a – Private Couple: privately occupied house – $130 pp ($260 per couple)


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