About Us

Yuraygir Walking Experiences (YWE) was established to provide a unique, respected and best practice sustainable ecotourism business assisting walkers of all ages to enjoy, explore and experience the Yuraygir Coast Walk in northern New South Wales, Australia.  Through the success of this business, we will support the purchase and management of high conservation value land to augment and compliment the formal conservation reserve system in the Yuraygir and Coast Range area of the Clarence Valley.

Our Goals

  1. Offer local expertise and knowledge to conduct guided and supported walks and other activities which will help others appreciate the beauty and unique features of this area. We work on the premise that something which is valued is more likely to be protected.
  2. Ensure all operations are conducted with minimum ecological impacts and maximum positive impacts, within Yuraygir National Park and the coastal walking track, within local communities, and in terms of all other operational aspects such as the growing, sourcing and preparation of food.
  3. Ensure local businesses and individuals benefit from our operations, drawing upon and utilising local expertise, talent and services to offer a unique local ecotourism product for the benefit of the broader local community.
  4. Purchase and manage land with a scientific approach and to the highest standards, to achieve ecological restoration
    and maximum conservation value. Such land will support our operations and we will work toward the purchase of further land as funds accumulate and suitable land comes to market.

Who We Are



The business is managed by Adrian who has lived locally since 2000. He studied Zoology and the History and Philosophy of Science, and has a Doctorate in sustainable tourism. Adrian has worked in local and state government on the NSW north coast in various roles. He has worked also within the university sector, publishing in sustainable development, sustainable tourism and environmental decision making areas, with a little teaching experience as well. He has travelled quite widely, volunteering with a number of sustainability initiatives along the way. He has also produced some videos for/with Aboriginal communities relating to natural resource management. He continues to develop his knowledge of Yuraygir flora/fauna and enjoys gardening, bushwalking, travelling, surfing and music. Adrian lives with his partner Gina and their 12 year old son.





Gina is  an invaluable guide and sounding board. She has lived in the Yuraygir region since 1998, working as a Ranger with National Parks and Wildlife Service. She has an Honours Degree in Coastal Management and intimate knowledge of Yuraygir’s history, management, Aboriginal connections and local ecology. She shares her knowledge of park management and has been involved in the conservation of the local Endangered Coastal Emu Population, coordinating an annual Emu ‘census’ with the help of many volunteers since 2001. She has travelled widely, working in numerous locations as a SCUBA instructor. She is now actively involved in community activities, including Landcare and fundraising and educational activities at Wooli School. Gina surfs, practices yoga, does marathon charity walks, gardens, cares for injured wildlife and loves her community. She lives with Adrian and their 12 year old son.




Annette has lived locally since 2003 with her parter and family of exceedingly sporty boys.  As well as being our superb yoga teacher, she and Karen have the most important job: preparing beautiful food for our walkers! Annette takes an eclectic approach to catering which one walker once appropriately dubbed “gourmet home cooked”.  She uses range of delicious and nutritious foods from local organic and seasonal fresh food to the largest extent possible.







Karen has lived here since 2000 and works with Annette to make yummy lunches for on the track and deserts. Karen also looks after some of our accounts and the office when Adrian disappears. For this we are truly grateful!






Phil ‘de wheels’

Phil is originally from Wollongong but left that world behind after catching a severe dose of “Minnie-itis”. He now drives our 14 seater mini-van, transferring walkers to and from their accommodation and walk start and finish points with good cheer and dry towels. If he is not surfing, he is probably watching his sons or grandsons playing soccer.






Tony founded Yuraygir Walking Experiences after a lifetime of involvement in the conservation sector, including as a member of the Australian Conservation Foundation, as President and Vice President of the National Parks Association of Queensland, and as a long term member of the National Parks Association of NSW. He also heads a successful international psychology consulting firm and one of his philanthropic goals is to direct a proportion of profits to support environmental conservation. The establishment of YWE as a sustainable business entity through which such conservation initiatives can be further supported is one step in that direction.